Protecting Employees

fire safe safety servicesFire Safe Safety Services (Fire Safe) provides paint booth fire suppression system inspection and cleaning for automotive and industrial applications. OSHA and other regulating bodies require the regular inspection and clean operation of spray booths systems. A clean booth protects the worker in the booth and greatly reduces fire and explosion hazards. Contracting paint booth cleaning keeps your workers focused on income producing tasks.

Spray painting and paint removal operations present hazards requiring effective controls. Hazards include exposure to toxic materials, flammable mists, particulates, and vapors. The potential for physical and health hazards are effectively controlled by utilizing a functional booth with the right precautions. Filters, ducts, and the exhaust fan are cleaned and inspected.

It depends on use, but regular booth cleaning is typically bi-monthly.

We’ll clean build-up of material inside the booth, on fixtures, on vent grids, in ducts, on the exhaust fan, and anywhere else there is material buildup.

We’ll clean or replace filters, including exhaust and intake filters.

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Fire Safe Safety Services is a provider of instructional safety training and fire equipment services. Fire Safe is an active member of Avetta and Compliance Engine. We answer questions. Please call 434-793-6255 during our regular business hours or connect 24/7 with our Request Service form.