Maintain Workspace Compliance

fire safe safety servicesThe first line of defense against a fire is the portable fire extinguisher. Quick thinking individuals use fire extinguishers to contain a fire before it spreads. Often this minimizes damage, allowing normal operations of a workspace to resume much sooner. Local fire marshalls expect portable fire extinguishers to be ready at all times.

Fire Extinguisher Sales
Fire Safe Safety Services (Fire Safe) provides service, accessories, and training for all portable fire extinguishers it sells. Fire Safe provides partners fire extinguishers sized for the expected mission. For example, industrial and warehouse areas may require a completely different fire extinguisher type than the front office. Fire Safe has access to all brands, (including Ansul, Amerex, Badger, and Kiddie), and various model types of fire extinguishers. We work with our partners on the best fire extinguisher sales solution.

Fire Safe provides full servicing of fire extinguishers ensures your critical first response doesn’t raise multiple alarm bells at the local fire station. Fire extinguisher service is broken down into three sections. They include inspection, maintenance, and testing.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection
Fire Safe provides basic inspections of fire extinguishers, including monthly and annual fire extinguisher inspection. All facility extinguishers are checked to ensure they are full, placed in their designated locations, and are not obstructed. NFPA 10 requires extinguishers be inspected when they are initially installed and once a month ongoing.

Fire extinguisher tagging is part of the record keeping system for active fire extinguishers. Records must be kept in case of a fire. The fire marshall will review these records after any fire event.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
All Fire Safe fire extinguisher maintenance is performed by a certified technician following NFPA 10 guidelines. Fire extinguishers are pulled from their racks and the overall physical condition is scrutinized. Did someone knock it off its mount? Did it hit the floor? Has it been knocked or crashed into by someone or something. Are parts broken or the canister dented? Is anything easily fixed? Fire Safe provides fire extinguisher maintenance for all brands it sells.

Routine fire extinguisher maintenance is done every 1-6 years. All maintenance must be recorded.

Fire Extinguisher Testing
Fire extinguisher testing requires extinguishers to be stripped of their components. The canister is filled with water and must hold a certain pressure. If the component passes hydrostatic testing, Fire Safe will reassemble and recharge the extinguisher. Testing is completed every 5-12 years depending on the type of extinguisher.

fire safe truckFast, Mobile Service
All installation, inspection, maintenance, testing, and record keeping is performed by Fire Safe using mobile units. Our mobile units are fully equipped to service all brands and types of fire extinguishers. Our mobile units provide a very fast return to operation of your fire extinguishers. While the testing is being conducted, your facility will have loaner extinguishers to maintain 100% coverage. All testing is performed by a certified technician following NFPA guidelines.

Fire Extinguisher Training
If no one on your staff has used a fire extinguisher, Fire Safe offers fire extinguisher training for facilities interested in mitigating risks. These training sessions are generally offered in a group setting.

Local fire marshals will disagree. Inspections, maintenance, and testing is recorded for each fire extinguisher. If a fire happens, the local fire marshal will check to see if there was any fault in the building’s safety equipment.

Yes. We do provide weekly, monthly, annual, and emergency service. Fire Safe can set any schedule that you need to ensure your fire extinguishers are fully operational at all times.

Generally this is a low budget item for most businesses. It only gets expensive when your business is fined for not maintaining your fire extinguishers and the associated records.

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