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fire safe safety servicesUbiquitous emergency lights and exit signs are often taken for granted. OSHA regulations and local fire marshalls don’t take them for granted. They demand exit routes directed by emergency exit lighting to remain clear and unobstructed with up-to-date and fully functional exit signs.

Emergency Lighting Checks
Fires Safe Safety Services (Fire Safe) provides an emergency exit signs service for sales, installation, maintenance, and compliance. Fire Safe ensures all exit paths are adequately lit, appropriate signage remains posted, the lighted signage is in good service, and provides required monthly or annual exit signs inspections. We perform emergency light testing, especially emergency lights for power outage testing.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance
Emergency and exit lighting can be damaged as a building is regularly used. Exit signs getting struck by a basketball in a school gym or someone moving a piece of equipment that strikes a sign may put a facility out of compliance with OSHA emergency lighting regulations. An emergency lighting company maintains your fire exit emergency lights and the regulatory paperwork.

OSHA and local fire marshalls think otherwise. Their focus is on protecting people and saving lives. Emergency exit lighting must work when the power is out and the normal operation of a building is disrupted by fire or some other emergency. They will not compromise. Emergency light inspections are expected. Failure can mean fines.

Generally, no. Most emergency exit lighting is fully operational. However, the exit lighting system is generally wired to a battery backup power supply. This system must be checked on a regular basis. Signs can also be damaged and their lighting can burn out.

Yes. Fire marshalls especially want to know someone is paying attention to the emergency and exit lighting in case of a fire or some other emergency.

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Fire Safe Safety Services is a provider of instructional safety training and fire equipment services. Fire Safe is an active member of Avetta and Compliance Engine. We answer questions. Please call 434-793-6255 during our regular business hours or connect 24/7 with our Request Service form.