Live HMR Safety Training

  • 3-year certification period.
  • Required: Written Evaluation, Skill Evaluation.

fire safe safety servicesIn compliance with 49 CFR 172.704, this course is for individuals who handle, manage, transport, or ship hazardous materials/waste. Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) safeguard employees who operate vehicles transporting HAZMAT cargos; load, unload, and handle hazardous materials; label and prepare packaging; prepare HAZMAT materials for shipping; prepare shipping papers; and are responsible for the safety of hazardous materials during shipment. HAZMAT security awareness training is also covered.

Fire Safe provides traditional lectures with a multimedia presentation, Q&A, and hands-on DOT HAZMAT training. An evaluation and immediate feedback is provided to participants. This is an all encompassing 8-hour training program performed on-site. Fire Safe also provides partners with site specific training, which provides employees specific training about Federal regulations directly impacting their operations.

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