Gregory Britt

Technical Instructor Trainer, Fire Safe
Over 35 years experience in emergency response.
Nationally recognized Hazmat SME and gifted safety leader.

britt teachingGregory Britt is a professional safety trainer at Fire Safe. Britt has over 35 years in public safety as a professional firefighter and emergency manager/responder. Over 25 of those years are directly related to chemical handling in the industrial and construction sectors. He managed Virginia’s Hazardous Material Emergency Response program for 19 years.

Britt is a certified NFPA 472/OSHA Hazardous Material Specialist; a Virginia Fire Instructor III; 10 and 30 hour Construction Safety and Health Instructor (instructing under OSHA 500 Construction Safety and Health guidelines); and a Virginia Firefighter II.

Britt is a 2015 recipient of the John P. O’Gorman Making a Difference Award. The Gorman Award is bestowed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) to an individual who has made significant contributions either locally or regionally to the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response profession. Britt provided exceptional leadership, service and commitment to the mission and goals of the Hazardous Materials Response community. Britt was serving as the Director Technical Hazards Division, Virginia DES at the time of recognition.